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Crisis Negotiations Unit


The Port Huron Police Department must be prepared for any situation that may occur within our community. Although all Port Huron Police Officers are trained to deal with a wide range of highly volatile incidents, some situations may require additional resources and tactics.

To address certain critical events affecting our citizens, the Port Huron Police Department created a Hostage Negotiation Unit in 1989. The Unit later changed its name to the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) to reflect a more accurate description of the incidents the unit responds to from suicidal subjects such as bridge jumpers, to barricaded subjects, to subjects who have taken hostages during the course of a criminal act.

The goal of the CNU is to peacefully resolve life threatening situations by listening and responding to the person’s concerns through the use of proven verbal crisis management techniques. 


About the Unit

The CNU is comprised of department members who serve full time as sworn police officers representing various ranks and positions within the Department.  The unit works on a 24 hour call out basis and responds to critical incidents where a person poses a threat to themselves or others.

Some of the incidents the unit may respond to include those involving:
• Barricaded persons
• Suicidal persons
• Domestic problems
• Emotionally disturbed persons
• Hostage incidents


About the Negotiators

The crisis negotiators are another group of caring professionals within the Port Huron Police Department who are dedicated to maintaining the safety of the residents and visitors to the City of Port Huron. These officers volunteered for this position and were selected after successfully completing interviews which demonstrated their proficient communications skills.  Officers selected receive additional training in negotiation and crisis intervention tactics through the Public Agency Training Council (PATC), Management and Behavior Consultants (MBC), and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The unit also trains internally using scenarios, speakers, discussions and videos.  Since the Port Huron Police Department’s CNU and the Special Response Team (SRT) goals – the successful resolution of a crisis situation by peaceful means – are closely intertwined, the two units also train together. 


Contact Information

Crisis Negotiation Unit - Supervisor
Lieutenant Marcy Kuehn        810-984-2374

Crisis Negotiation Unit - Team Leader
Detective Karen Brisby          810-984-9711

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